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American Medical Association
Abstracts of the AMA journals from July 1995 to the present. Search specific journals or all of them. Search yields author(s), title, journal name and date. To view the abstracts, free registra tion is necessary -- it's free and well worth it. Search Help
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Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
Archives of Dermatology
Archives of Family Medicine
Archives of General Psychiatry
Archives of Internal Medicine
Archives of Neurology
Archives of Ophthalmology
Archives of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Archives of Surgery
Archives Journal Club: Women's Health
American Physical Therapy Association
Searches "Physical Therapy", a peer-reviewed journal and "PT - Magazine of Physical Therapy". Also find research updates, upcoming meetings and events and other PT Internet resources.

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American Society of Reproductive Medicine
Information includes current issues in reproductive medicine, literature available from the ASRM, FAQs and clinical trials.

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American Thoracic Society
Find publications, press releases, legislative archives and updates, and article abstracts. Although there's a lot here, it's not easy to find specific information since queries return directory or very broad headings.
Anesthesia and Critical Care
A huge number of links to Internet sites related to anesthesia. The search engine, however, is not particularly helpful in finding specific sites.

Bioethics Database
Provided by the Medical College of Wisconsin, a collection of journal articles, news accounts, court decisions, legislative bills, and other entries about ethical issues in biomedicine.
Biomedicine & Health In The News
Provides quick access to the biomedical, scientific and health journal literature referenced in newspaper articles appearing in the New York Times. Focus is on announcements of new research findings and articles which reference current or forthcoming publications. Contents of the article are briefly described and the full citation included wherever possible.

The Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology. More than 1100 documents describing diseases, radiological findings, anatomy, pathology. Indexed by organ systems.

Clinical Pharmacology
Uses information from Clinical Pharmacology, an e-guide to the most common drugs in current use. This is not the full version which covers lesser known and experimental drugs, but is a valuable and in-depth resource providing chemical structure, descr iption, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, indications, contraindications, drug interactions, adverse reactions, cost index and classification overview. Enter drug name or partial name.
Clinical Virology
Information about virology from the University of Capetown, including an electronic edition of the South African Medicines Formulary. (and, or, not, *)
Computers in Cardiology
These are the accepted abstracts for the 22nd annual conference of CiC which was held in Vienna, Austria from September 10-13,1995. (and=word1;word2, or=word1,word2)

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Search the journals, the library collections and faculty profiles of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Often returns irrelevant results.(and, or, not, *)

All CPMC Databases
Biomedical Frontiers
Child Poverty News & Issues
Equipment & Core Facilities
Guide to Clinical Preventive Services
Health Sciences Library General Information
Health Sciences Library Special Collections
Health Sciences Library Archives
The Health Sciences Reporter
Information News
Medical Informatics Papers
Medical Logic Modules
The P&S Journal
The P&S Medical Review
University & Health Sciences Campus Profile
Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects is a biomedical database with information on the research supported by the US Public Health Service. Updated weekly. Provides project title and abstract. (and, or, not, *)
Cutaneous Drug Reaction Database
Database of drug reactions with skin manifestations. (and, or, not, *)
Doctor's Guide
Intended for physicians, this database includes various up to date medical resources including medical news and alerts, new drugs or indications and internet medical resources.
Doctor's Guide Conference Database
Locate medical conferences by date, country, disease. Unless date is specified, conferences from past dates are given, as well.
Global Anesthesiology resources include abstracts of journal articles, a discussion forum, book reviews, conferences, texts.

Global Emergency Medicine Archives
An online journal of medicine. Search the original articles of the journal or the EMed-L mailing list or the abstracts of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. Except for the search of original articles, search results only provides the artic le source, e.g. "EMED-L archives", listed many times. (and, or)

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Health & Medicine In The News
Citations to journal literature articles and meeting abstracts on health and medicine, taken from The Star Tribune, Minneapolis newspaper. Focus is on announcements of new research findings and articles which reference current or forthcoming scholarl y publications. Contents of the article are briefly described and the full citation included wherever possible.
The National Library of Medicine's Health Services/Technology Assessment Text which contains the full text of clinical practice guidelines. Either select a collection to proceed with your search, or search all collections.
Search All Collections
Jourlit - Bookrev Bibliographic Database
A large bibliographic database of psychoanalytic journal articles, books, and book reviews consisting of over 27,000 entries. Provided by the American Psychoanalytic Association.
Lab of Dr. Richard J. Cohen
Abstracts of publications from this lab which is part of the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division. Research areas; Fluctuation Analysis of physiologic signals Cardiac Electrical Imaging, quantitative modeling of cardiac conduction proce sses, molecule counting immunoassay. (and=word1;word2)

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Laurie Imaging Center
A database of all cases done at this Center since its opening in 1986. Provides text of the Radiologists dictations and images.
Patient's Age (<,>, or ... indicates a range)
Reason for Exam (e.g. seizures)
Radiologist's Diagnosis (e.g. glioma)
Sex Type of Exam
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Levit Radiologic Pathologic Institute
This is the Division of Diagnostic Imaging and part of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Providing news and recent developments at the Division and exhibits about disease and anatomy.

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Medical Meetings
A large database of medical meetings across the US, from Adams Trade Press Online.
Month Year
Updated monthly, this site indexes abstracts and articles from the worlds major medical sites. Use the link above to narrow your search by resource and/or subject.

Free access, from HealthGate, to this huge repository of medical information. A very busy service which can be difficult to get through to. They also offer an Advanced Search Form enabling the use of limited boolean operators and specific field searches.

Published in English   Abstract available   Last 2 years
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Back issues of this publication from 1993 to present. Search yields summaries of articles from the reports. Entire reports can be downloaded as .pdf files. (and, or)

National Library of Medicine
Reference material from the world's largest medical library. Search publications or information from the library's holdings. (single string, substring)
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A comprehensive index of nephrology related sites on the Internet. Updated daily.
Neurosciences On The Internet
An exhaustive, well indexed collection of neuroscience resources available on the World Wide Web and other parts of the Internet.
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New England Journal of Medicine
A weekly journal which reports the results of important medical research worldwide. Owned and published by the Massachusetts Medical Society. Select a category below to find the latest articles in back issues.

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NYU Medical Center Faculty Research
Highlights of NYU faculty's medical research, including representative publications. Full reports are not given. (,= or, ;=and, single string, substring)
Pathology Glossary
A glossary of terms dealing with the origins and causes of diseases. Provided by Cornell University Medical College. (and, or, not, *)
An Imaging Encyclopedia of Pediatric Disease aimed at the radiology resident learning pediatric radiology, the pediatric radiology fellow mastering pediatric radiology for the first time, and for the general radiologist who does a little bit of pediat ric imaging on a daily basis. (Phrase=words separated by a space. Or=words separated by a comma. To find 2 words together in the same line, separate with a semicolon.)

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Information from newsletters, articles and newsgroups about conferences, diseases, jobs, drugs. (and, not)
Physicians' GenRx Database
A thorough compilation of the most current information available on prescription pharmaceuticals.

Drug Name -Includes FDA and Brand Names
Category - Examples are 'Antibiotics', 'Black Widow Spider'
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Refereed electronic journal. Publishes brief reports of new ideas and findings in all areas of psychology and its related fields. (and, or, not, *)
Radiological Society of North America
A large database of radiological (and other medical) information on the Internet. Indexing makes it difficult to zero in on specific information. (and=word1;word2, or=word1,word2)

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Renal Parameter Database
The NIH collection of literature related to kidney physiology. Limited number of documents. (and, or, not, *)
Telemedicine Research Center
A database of bibliographic references (more than 2,400 listings) with abstracts, telemedicine programs, upcoming meetings, and funding sources. Except for the bibliographic references, tends to return irrelevant results. (single stri ng, substring)

Telemedicine Programs
Yahoo - Health:Medicine
Searches Yahoo's Health:Medicine Listings only.

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